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System Requirements:

GB-Console have been tested in the following microprocessors:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero Wireles
  • Raspberry Pi 2 model B
  • Raspberry Pi 3 model A
  • Raspberry Pi 3 model A+
  • Raspberry Pi 3 model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 4 model B+

And.. Yes, you will need Internet as well...

Version history:

1.4.5 (latest):

We have changed the behavior at start to wait for Internet connection. This was a problem if you start the app from the Crontab for some users.


We have been fixing things. A bug fix here. An update there. We hope you have a better user experence.


We have been fixing bugs. We hope you have a better user experence.


We are getting better every day. Now we can have readings from more than one sensor in the same I2C bus.


Some bug were solved with I2C sensors.


We are excited to announce that I2C sensors are been read from Raspberry Pi I2C bus.


We have fixed many bugs. Automations now wait for plug-ins scripts to finnish.


Our first plugins are working! If you are a developer, now you can start a shell script as an action of an automation.


Added Webhooks as triggers in automations. Now you can integrate GB-Console with other APPs.


System logs were improved. Now you can check in logs who turn things on/off


Automations are here! Now you can configure buttons to trigger automations.


Now we offer schedules. Now you can set time to on/off your GPIO ports by day of week.


We are pretty excited have launched the first release! Now you can turn things on and off with GPIO of your Raspberry Pi without coding.

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